LionFire ~ is a Shamanic practitioner with over 20 years experience working within a variety of Shamanic traditions. Known around the world, LionFire is a White Shaman “Two-Spirit” of Norse and Celtic heritage. A bridge between generations, orientations and traditions, he is a Reiki Master in the Usui Shiki Ryoko, Tibetan, Raku and Shambala traditions and he is also certified in acupressure massage.

LionFire teaches Reiki and incorporates healing techniques from around the world in his practice. He is skilled in Crystal, Light and Shamanic Energy work and specializes in Auric Cleansings and Chakra Activations.

He assists individuals seeking their Animal and Dream Vision Totems.

LionFire is currently working with many Maya Shaman, including Hunbatz Men, Tata Pedro Cruz K’u’xya’ and Aum-Rak Sapper. LionFire is a Maya “Solar Initiate”, “Priest of IX CHEL” and Maya Ceremonialist.

During ceremonies on the Island of Cozumel in 2003, David ~ LionFire, pledged himself to the service of the Mother Goddess, IX CHEL. Part of his mission, as one of the few Priests of IX CHEL, is to help men “Heal and Balance” their Feminine and Masculine energies. To that end, he now performs Kundalini healings, balancing and activations, mostly for men.

LionFire offers programs including Maya studies and tours, Drumming, Shamanic Shields and Trance Dance workshops. He assists individuals seeking their Animal Totems and facilitates Vision Quests.
“Drawing From the Senses” is a Shamanic Awareness program he has developed to help individuals become more in tune with their senses, teaching them the ability to “Interconnect”, “Bridge”, “Focus” and “Expand’” their awareness.

He serves as a guide to sacred sites for many of the world’s spiritual leaders including Drunvalo Melchizedek, Lakota Chief Standing Elk and the Star Nation. LionFire is also featured in Drunvalo Melchizedek’s book, ‘Serpent of Light’.
LionFire was made an Honorary Member of The World Natural Health Organization in appreciation and recognition of his “Attainments and Distinguished Service” in support of traditional Mayan and indigenous shamans at the “First International Gathering of Indigenous Cultures”, in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico in September, 2000.

LionFire is a gateway for many of the most ancient stone and crystal skulls. His work with these skulls has given him international recognition as one of the worlds’ major crystal skull keepers. One of his ancient Jade Skulls is featured in the new Crystal Skull Oracle Card Deck and He has authored a section of the new Crystal Skull book, ‘Crystal Skulls and the Enigma of Time’, by Patricia Mercier.
LionFire’s art work is in private and public collections around the world, including the Royal Library in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Shamanic Buffalo Shield

A professional, multi-faceted artist and performer in a variety of media, his most recent work is drawn from shamanic symbols and patterns of the Americas. He is a design specialist in Pre-Columbian Archaeographics and Winged Spirits throughout the ages. LionFire has had the privilege of working with John Major Jenkins, Souldancer, Tony Shearer and his neice, Judith Moore, Jose Arguelles, Kan’Nal, Lunar Fire, ThunderBeat, Daniel Hicks, Dr. Blue, Imani White, Alloa Patricia and Mikhail Mercier Baker, both on stage and in the studio. LionFire was also honored to be the ‘Drum Keeper’ for the 13 Indigenous Grandmother’s Conference in Sedona, Arizona.

A Colorado artist, healer and shaman for over 25 years, David holds a double Masters degree in Drawing and Painting. He has taught drawing, painting and printing at the Colorado Institute of Art and Fort Hays Kansas State University. Some of his most recent teaching experience has included working with the Disabled Community in Special Education, Autism and Mental Health. LionFire is currently finishing work on his PhD, focusing on Native American Cosmologies.


Eclipse at Monument Valley, LionFire 2001