Maya World Tours

March 2nd to March 15th 2018

Travel with LionFire to the Maya Lands


Explore ancient temples, modern markets and healing centers of Guatemala and Belize.


Chose from the Full tour

March 2nd to March 14th 2018

Cost: $3350



Belize and Tikal: Mar. 2nd to Mar. 8th

Cost: $2200



Maya World Highlands:

 Tikal to Lake Atitlan:

Mar. 8th to Mar. 14th

Cost: $2450


The Maya World Now and Then:

Guatemala and Belize


Known for their towering pyramids, vast palaces, intricate art, and complex hieroglyphs, the Maya also possessed esoteric cosmic knowledge. Passed down through oral tradition by generations of village elders, this knowledge is now re-surfacing. Many teachers, some indigenous and others, connected through spirit, are bringing Maya wisdom to the world of today.


Join LionFire and Mary as they introduce you to the people and places of the Maya.

Costs include Hotels, Tikal Ceremony, Inland Transportation, Entry Fees, Guides and some meals.

 Airfares not included


Two tours:        

Maya World Lowlands – March 2nd to March 9th

Maya World Highlands – March 5th to March 15th


March 2:  Fly to Belize City.  Transfer to Midas Resort.  

Overnight Midas Resort


March 3:  Visit Cahal Pech morning / Xunantunich afternoon. 

Overnight Midas Resort.  


March 4:  All day visit of Caracol and Maya Mountains.           

Overnight Midas Resort.


March 5:   Yaxha on the way to Tikal   

Overnight Tikal Inn.

 Second tour joins us in Tikal


March 6:  All day to visit Tikal & museum.  Sacred Fire Ceremony  

Overnight Tikal Inn.


March 7:  Morning visit Uaxactun.  Late afternoon to Isla Flores.  

Overnight Casona del Lago.


March 8:  First tour transfers to Guatemala City to take flights home

            Maya World – Highlands

6 am transfer to Flores airport to check in for

7:37 am flight to Guatemala City arriving 8:35 am.  

Airport pick up and transfer to Antigua.

Afternoon walking tour of Antigua (2.5 hours).  

Overnight Casa Encantado Antigua.


March 9:  To Panajachel with a stop at the ancient sacred site of Iximche.

 Overnight Hotel Regis Panajachel.


March 10:  Boat ride to/from San Marcos. Maya Calendar presentation.

                        Overnight Hotel Regis Panajachel


March 11:  Market day at Chichicastenango.  

Overnight Hotel Regis Panajachel.


March 12:  Boat ride to/from and visit of Santiago Atitlan.  

Overnight Hotel Regis Panajachel.  


March 1310 am transfer to Antigua.  Afternoon free time.  

Overnight Los Olivos Boutique Hotel Antigua.  


March 14:  Optional day (Details on request) touring the Volcanoes outside of Antigua


March 14/15:  Transfers to Guatemala City airport for departing flights.


Archived Events:

Maya Chakra Temple Journey through the Best of Mayaland

Travel with LionFire to explore the ancient and modern lands of the Maya. This is an exciting, fun, comprehensive and informative tour through one of the most breathtakingly beautiful destinations in the world — the Land of the Maya, including new discoveries with both Archaeological and Spiritual insights. Discover the beautiful beaches of the Riviera Maya, the tropical jungles of the Yucatan and the lush rain forests, rivers and waterfalls of Palenque.


Trip #1

Maya Chakra Temple Tour

Classic Yucatec Maya

October 15th through October 21st 2016

Cancun Ek Balam (Ascension Temple) “Merida Sunday” Uxmal (Root Chakra). Labna (Feminine Gate, Sacral Chakra) Kabah (Masculine Gate, Solar Plexus Chakra) Dzibilchaltun (Temple of the Seven Dolls and Initiation Temple) Yaxuna Chichen Itza (Heart Chakra) Cenote Ik Kil Maya Water Ceremony Caribbean coast Tulum (Throat Chakra) Coba (City of the Great Maya Goddess, Ix Chel and the tallest pyramid in the Yucatan)


Trip #2

Maya Chakra Temple Tour ~ Sacred Waters and Power Centers

October 21st to October 26th 2016

Villahermosa ~ La Venta Olmec Colossal Heads (Museum) Palenque (Third Eye Chakra) Agua Azul Misol Ha Water Fall Tonina (Crown + all Chakras, Seat of the Sacred Masculine and the Portal to the Underworlds) Bonampak (Painted Murals) Yaxchilan (Home of the Wisdom Keepers and the Alux + the Portal to the Inner Worlds and the Seat of the Sacred Feminine on the Usumacinta River on the border of Guatemala)


Please contact us for more information and prices, as this tour is nearly full and reservations must be made soon! We are looking forward to having you join us on these fantastic adventures!

Contact LionFire ~ or LionFire del Norte on Facebook.