~ Melchizedek Gate codes: Master Teacher guide ~

Triple numbers are one of the ways Goddess-God speaks to us.

Maya Fire Altar, Eastern Gate

111…Flow, The movement of energy from one place to another. Sexual energy and money.

222…New Cycles and Beginnings.

333…Decisions, New Paths, Possibilities, Expansion of Body, Mind and Spirit.

444…Study, lessons and information from the Schools of Mystery.

555…Christ Consciousness, Mastery of lessons in both life and our spiritual path. Living your path.

666…Destiny, The physical plane and the human being. Pay attention, be aware, look around, slow down. A warning to be very careful.

777…Practice and experience in the highest levels of the Mystery Schools. Making our knowledge real.

888…Mastery of a lesson or skill, passing the tests.

999…Completion on all levels


123(4567)…etc,…Flow, Movement

Quad numbers and higher have the same meanings, however, they are much stronger, more significant and require a higher level of attention.