Krystal Skulls

1. What has been the role of crystal skulls in the past?

Stone and rock crystal skulls have been part of human culture for several millennia. It is thought that some have alien origins and were carved with advanced technology because of the skulls’ age and the sophistication in the execution of the carving. Thousands of crystal and stone skulls exist from ancient to modern times. Which of the ancient skulls are the ‘authentic’ ones is often debated by scholars, scientists, collectors and skull keepers.Crystalskulls are connected to many indigenous prophecies, crop circles, ancient pyramid-temple sites, stars and constellations. They are a key, a spiritual tool that will assist humanity in creating an era of unity. The crystal skulls are encoded with cosmic knowledge and universal wisdom; they are transmitters, receivers and recorders of history. It is the process of carving a stone or crystal into a skull that allows the skull to speak and the crystal to sing.

Today we use crystals in our computers and sensitive equipment, so, too, the crystal skulls were the computers of our ancestors, but they are also portals through space and time.

Oracles, Ceremony and Prayer ~ Skulls are associated with death and the passing of the spirit from the living planes into the spiritual levels, so the connection between the crystal skulls and the spirit realms is clear and obvious. Beginning in early tribal times, man, world wide, used the bones of their ancestors in a variety of funerary rites and sacred rituals to connect with their kindred spirits. It is believed that through these ceremonies, messages and guidance from their ancestors, God ~ Goddess, spirit, animal, plant and nature totems are received. “I heard the skull sing!”, “The skull spoke to me!”, “I smelled flowers!”, I saw sparkling lights and auras!”, “I was tingling all over!”, “Was the bear I saw my totem animal?”…These are some of the sensations people have expressed during and after a crystal skull encounter which has brought them in touch with the spirit realms.

Crystal skulls open personal perception to the need and level of each individual, allowing a flow of personalized information to come through this connection. Some people will have very strong connections to certain crystal skulls, but they will not connect to others at all. Each skull is an individual entity, like we are. Most crystal skulls will have a keeper who will often allow others the opportunity receive readings or information. Clear channelings from Ascended Masters, Angels, Ancestors and a variety of spirits often occur. The mystical properties of the stone and crystal skulls is widely varied, but the use of these tools as instruments of Divination is primary to their existence and has been well documented throughout many centuries. The image of a skull as a connection to the Spirits and God ~ Goddess is ageless and takes on countless forms depending on the time period, place and culture. Skull beads, made from bones, have been used for centuries as prayer beads in many eastern cultures. Real and effigy skulls are often ‘kept’ by families in special places in the home or at cemeteries where they are cared for and fed, so the prayers and needs of the relatives and community are met. They are seen as protectors and Healers.

Skulls and Gender ~ It’s generally accepted that the greatest majority of crystal skulls are feminine. The most prevalent factor in determining the specific sex of a sculpted skull is the eye socket. Circular, rounded or oval eye sockets and cranial ridges are considered to be feminine, squared and pointed eye sockets and ridges are masculine. Many of the ancient skulls coming out of Mongolia andTibet have both attributes, making them bi-sexual and/or androgynous, giving them aspects of both or neither gender, thus, reflecting the era of unity we are entering.

In some American Native traditions the crystal skulls are only for women to use in ceremony while the stone skulls are for men. Now, with the return of the Goddess energy and sexual unity, there is no longer a need for the separation between genders in the use of either stone or rock crystal skulls.

2. What is the role of the Crystal Skulls today?

Awareness of the skulls (particularly the ancient ones), whether stone, crystal, metal or most any material, is growing. Their energy is coming in, now, to assist the human race through and beyond the cosmic time alignments, moving us into personal, spiritual ascension. The skulls act as activators by removing barriers and ‘waking up’ most people that encounter them. If asked, the skulls can assist a Shaman or healer with attunements with the various bodies (physical, astral, causal, mental and soul-spirit), auras and chakras, bringing them into alignment. Through further study, experience and focus with appropriate guides, crystal skulls can also provide spiritual initiations for seekers who are ready and prepared for new levels of awareness and understanding. Divinations and channelings often come through the skull to the seeker at this time providing connections to the past, present, future and the afterlife. These spiritual tools are both the transmitters and receivers of this energy and information, often including a translation factor, as well. At times, the information down-loads are so intense that it can take months to decipher them.

3. In what ways are the crystal skulls connected with the evolution of spiritual consciousness?

Connections between the physical and the many other planes of consciousness

Expanding awareness

Facilitating messages from ascended Masters

Multi-level healing

Intermediaries between the human, plant and animal species

Light or Dark? ~ The use of the skulls for either the light or the dark depends on the intent of the user.

Extraterrestrial messages and influence.

Assistance with and focus for meditation and channeling.

4. What is the difference between the ancient and modern crystal and stone skulls?

The crystal and stone skulls, regardless of size, age, style or material are all connected. The process of carving the stone into a skull allows the crystal or stone to speak or sing. The energy of each individual skull depends on the vibration and attributes of the specific material from which each individual skull is carved. Since all stones and crystals are extremely old, that energy is contained within any carved skull, regardless of when the skull was created. It is my experience, however, that most people that are interested in crystal and stone skulls are drawn to the older ones.

5. What is the connection, if any, between ‘ancient’ or ‘old’ Central American and Himalayan crystal skulls?

Ancient Neolithic Mongolian Jade Skull

Ancient Semi-Nomadic Goddess Based Shamanic Mongolian Tribes
Oriental Roots: Mongolia and Tibet; 8,000 BCE to ‘0’, CE ~ Late Neolithic Era through the Legendary Period and into Historic Time ~New archaeological evidence has now proven that the matriarchal, Goddess based, semi-nomadic tribes that roamed the area between Tibet and Mongolia, were possibly the first societies to carve stones and crystals into skulls by approximately 10,000 BCE. These ancient Neolithic people were the first to begin carving stone into objects of both utility and art. Since it is generally accepted by the scientific community that many of the oriental groups migrated to the new world, it can be assumed that they brought much of their culture, ceremonies and art with them, including the making and use of crystal and stone skulls in sacred rituals.The Chinese civilization spans a vast expanse of time, from before the Three Kings and Five Emperors to the present. It is a miracle of human creativity and civilization. The “Culture of Jade” is closely linked to the development of Central Asia. Confucius said that a gentleman is judged by the quality of his jade. Not only was jade more valuable than gold, but the design of jade wares varied according to social status. The oldest jade ware discovered dates back to 8000+ years ago. It is a jade dagger excavated at the Relic Pyramid of Hu in Shanxi Province. The largest pieces of stone carving took 10 years for the artists ofYangzhouto complete. Some of these early pieces are on display at theBritish Museum, London, England .The Neolithic Culture, from 8,000 to 4,500 BCE, is one of the earliest and most advanced civilizations discovered, to date, in China. This culture was mainly located in the land area between Inner Mongolia and present day Liaoning and Hebe iprovinces (new evidence reveals possible settlements in the Yangtze Riverarea).
The jade people were “Goddess Based, Matriarchal, Semi-Nomadic, Shamanic Cultures” consisting of several tribal groups located within the western Liaohe river valley to the Dalinghe river valley and the northern bank of the Bohai Bay, south of the Yanshan Mountain. The tribes that pre-date the LiangZhu period have not been officially named and are only referred to as Late Neolithic ~ 8,000 to 4,500 BCE. Many of their ancient sites are just newly discovered, due to a large Chinese government dam and infrastructure project that has now begun to flood these ancient ceremonial centers. These centers were used for over 6,500 years and contain hundreds of thousands of tombs. Archaeologists are racing to collect as much information as possible before these sites are destroyed. Artifacts from these tombs and ceremonial areas span many ages and style changes from the oldest (8,000 BCE) to the youngest (Historic era, beginning 0 CE) Archaeological strata. The Niuheliang site belongs to the late period of LiangZhu culture, 3,500 BCE. Located at the three loess mountain ridges which stretches about 10 km at the valley ofNuluerhuMountain, where Jianping county and LingyuancountyofChaoyangcity meet. The Goddess Temples, the Sacrificial Altars and the Stone Platform Mound groups are distributed regularly across the rolling hills about 10,000m across from east to west and about 5,000m from north to south. These platform mounds form a large scale pre-historic ceremonial and sacrificial site complex that stands alone, beyond the residential area. Niuheliang is located in the center of a network leading to all the regions of the Hong Shan area, now called the Northeast River District. It is imbued with all the characteristics of a very sacred place ~ a political, trade and ceremonial center. The Ancient Shamanic people were temple, pyramid and city builders who created some of the earliest nephrite jade and stone carvings. Their sophisticated carving techniques employed technologies that exceeded simple explanations.Many of the old jade, obsidian, agate, turquoise and crystal artifacts/skulls and are well persevered due to the fact that this culture utilized slab burial tombs and because of the arid climate ofInner Mongolia. Other materials used, from the LiangZhu into the Late Legendary period, included stained magnasite, lapis lazuli, carnelian and blue-green, gold and red obsidian. Some stones were often dyed and stained using mineral compounds including iron, ochre, cinnabar, copper and silver solutions.It has recently been discovered that these Late Neolithic artists possessed the knowledge of metallurgy and employed the use of copper and iron metal tools to work their Jade masterpieces. The practice of mineral staining and dyeing stone began about 3,500 BCE once metallurgy was introduced to or discovered by these societies. Even a type of basic brown glass, although rare, was in use much earlier than originally believed. Many artifacts show the use of saw blades and drill instruments, reflecting the fact that they were a highly technologically advanced civilization. Currently, there is no known artifact evidence, from any other Neolithic cultures in the world, shows that metal tools were used to shape jade during this very early Neolithic era. New discoveries have also found that the Chinese did not discover bronze, as was originally thought. Instead, bronze was brought toChinaby the eastern most Caucasians living in the Mid-Hinterland between Europe andAsia.Recent finds from a tomb at Niuheliang and two smaller mound tombs excavated in the same area were the discoveries of metal-casting technologies. Small copper rings have been excavated at these sites. The use of kilns to produce highly advanced painted and non painted pottery gave the Shamanic Nomads the power of intense heat to explore metallurgy. The earliest ceramics found inChinadate to 13,000 BCE.
It is of the opinion of Master-Teacher Wong Tien Chung, that these ancient people extracted iron ore and nickel alloys from meteorites to make ritual jade shaping tools.Chinese archaeologists have recently discovered a Late Neolithic pyramid-shaped building dating back more than 5,500 years in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, in northChina. According to renowned Chinese archaeologist Guo Dashun, the “pyramid structure”, located on a mountain ridge one kilometer north ofSijiaziTownshipin the Aohan Banner county, is a three-storied stepped pyramid building that is 30 meters long and 15 meters wide. It is similar to the much later Maya pyramids of Central America. This discovery sheds light on the fact that the ancient Shamanic Mongolian tribes were one of the first known people to build pyramid structures. These very early Neolithic people were transient, living in a region that falls between steppe and agricultural climate zones. In the middle period of this culture, it becomes evident that a husbandry and agricultural based society emerges, leading to advancement in social structure. Discoveries from burial sites show that they had class structure and it is interesting that they cultivated millet not rice. Animal husbandry appears to have been highly advanced with the domestication of pigs and ducks. There is artifact evidence that they were one of the earliest people to domestic the horse. Ancient jade ritual and art objects were created for a period of more than 8,000 years. Contrary to what Western arm chair archaeologist have stated, Neolithic jades have been discovered in large quantities with over 52 different types of jade objects in various shapes and forms, including ceremonial wands and blades, dragons, Goddesses, sexual tools, skulls, spines, full skeletons, totem animals and jewelry. Some of the oldest jade sculpture are very sexual and include couplings of all gender combinations. The most famous ancient jade icons are the God Face, coiled dragon egg, bats, silk worms, cicadas, hawks and the gryphon. Since this was a Goddess based society, there were many nude Goddess altar statues and phallic items used in ceremonies. Icons such as Kwan Yin and Buddha came in after the society changed to a patriarchic system. Very remarkable discoveries have been recent, in areas that are much further south of where the first civilization was thought to have been centered. Research indicates (based on artifact evidence and 19 years of study) that the ancient jade carvers employed advanced jade shaping and carving tools that may have been made from meteorite iron. One fascinating study is the evidence of high iron content found in red jades and silver content in black jades that were used for ritual objects by the early Shaman. Many of these artifacts are magnetic and express the possibility that they were aware of magnetic earth forces. Another fascinating observation through the study of these ceremonial jade artifacts is the abundance of “Alien” like motifs and figurines that are completely unexplainable as they are not found in other Neolithic Cultures. It is obvious from the study of Inner Mongolian sacred sites, that there was a highly sophisticated knowledge of mathematics and astronomy which is evident by the celestial alignments of their pyramids, platform mounds and ceremonial structures. The extensive employment of ritual jades inChinaby the Shaman-Priests during its’ late prehistory must certainly demonstrate to the world of archeology that these people were not “Neolithic Age” but rather “Jade Age” people. It is believed that these tribes were actually the Xinglongwa people who migrated into China from Mongolia when global weather conditions turned their rich forested world into desert. New discoveries reveal that the Xinglongwa people had sophisticated jade carving techniques over 8,500 years ago! The lost historic trails of these great people are waiting to be discovered. Perhaps they were descendents from a long lost and advanced civilization. Ancient jade artifacts are gemstone treasures from the long ago past that have withstood both the test of time and humanity. Most of these ancient gemstone treasures have been buried beneath the earth for centuries, while others may have been buried for millenniums. The condition of each ancient jade artifact varies upon the age, type of earth the artifact was buried in, and the geological conditions that surrounded the jade artifact. Most ancient jades form a crust of calcification that is deposited in layers upon the gem’s original surface during its burial. When an ancient jade is dug from the earth, it often has its’ original colors hidden by layers of soil, minerals, and encrustations, including calcium, ochre, cinnabar, sulfur and iron. Almost all jades artifacts dug from the earth have these layers of encrustations removed. The reason for this is to reveal the gemstone’s original colors and characteristics or to catalogue any glyphic designs or writing it may possess. These new discoveries have open the door for many of these artifact treasures, stone and crystal skulls and spiritual tools to become available to the public as a way to fund further research.
Meso-American Origins: The Maya, 3,000 BCE to 1500 CE

Ancient Maya Rose Quartz Crystal Skull Dzibilchaltún, Yucatán, Mexico ~ Considered to be the Mother City of the Yucatec Maya, it is possibly the oldest spiritual city (1000+ BC) in northern Yucatán. This is the sacred city where ITZAMNA, First Father and First Wizard~Shaman, consort to the Great Maya Mother Goddess, IXCHEL, came down from the sky to transmit his wisdom to the Maya people, giving the first Crystal Skulls to the original Clan Mothers.This city is best known for the Templeof the Seven Dolls, the only Mayan Templeof its’ type, with windows and a tower, not a roof comb. This temple is actually dedicated to the transitions of Death and Life, the Sun, Stars, Moon, Time and the Seasons, and stands on the “White Road to Enlightenment”. This is the anchoring site for the Pleiadean Star Cluster. The Equinox Sun Rise Archaeo-astronomical Event and Ceremonies, here, are magnificent. The Equinox Sunrise bursts into the room of the temple lighting it like a brilliant star. During the time of the Equinoxes this Templeis known as the Temple of the Seven Rays and activates all Chakra Centers and aligns the Spirit bodies in preparation for the use of this Multi-dimensional Gate. This gate connects the Temple of the Seven Dolls to the Temple of Rain Egypt through an Inner World Spiritual Serpent Tunnel (Vortex), linking the Transmission of Ra Light to the frequencies of both temples. Dzibilchaltún’s sacred precinct holds the World Tree Axis, a giant stelae mounted on a platform with four stairways, which represents the Four Cornersof the World. This Axis Stone is illuminated at dawn on the equinoxes and the focus here is on the balance of light and shadow. The Temple of the Seven Dolls is a primary site for the rituals of the Mayan Fertility Cults. There is no “Male or Female” here…here, they are One, the same, with an overwhelming feeling of innocence and acceptance. Dzibilchaltún is a majorInitiationCenterfor the Mystery Schools of the World. The focus is on individual consciousness.This important ancient temple is one of the major crystal skull initiation and channeling sites in theAmericas.
Labaantun, Belize, C.A.

The famous Michelle-Hedges Crystal Skull was found here. This is the Spiritual Gateway guarded by AH PUCH, the Lord of the Underworld and CIMI, the God of Death. The Initiates of the Death Cult are taught Spirit Vision and the use of inter-dimensional tools like the Crystal Skulls, Sun Stones and Eccentric Flints.Connections ~ It has long been thought that the artistic styles of some ancient Maya groups mirrors Oriental line language and iconic images. Many of the oriental groups migrated to the new world, bringing much of their culture, ritual and art with them, including the making and use of crystal and stone skulls in ceremony.

6. Power Stones often associated with Crystal Skulls:

Stone and rock crystal skulls are sculpted from a wide variety of material. This quick guide will assist you in understanding some of the healing energies and spiritual properties of the stones that are most often carved into skulls.

AGATE ~ Quartz, Earth stone, Emotional stabilizer, Emanates protection, Gives courage, Processing stone for all chakras, Helps to balance the polarities between Intuition and Logic

AMAZONITE ~ Feldspar, Fortifies and sooths the nervous system, Quiet rhythm, Low light

AMBER ~ Fossilized Tree Sap, Living Stone, Harmonizes Yin-Yang elements by balancing the Sacred Male and Devine Feminine

AMETHYST ~ Shaman Stone, Transformer, Promotes psychic abilities, Strengthens Spiritual Awareness, Transmutes, Clears and Purifies Energy Patterns, Amplifier of Magic, Balances Sexual Differentiation, Devotional Stone, Serene Brilliance. Activates 7th Crown, 6th Third Eye and 1st Root Chakras, Celestial Affinity: Aries, Sagittarius, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto

AQUAMARINE ~ Beryl family, Operates as a purifier on all three levels of mans’ physical trinity in balancing, increasing creativity, reducing stress, stabilizing and harmonizing these energies with the highest levels of Love. Aids in filtering and strengthens internal organs, Activates Throat, Solar Plexus and Root Chakras

AVENTURINE ~ Success in affairs of Love, Luck in games, Helps with independence and originality, Unexpected adventure!

BLOODSTONE ~ Blood purifier and internal organ cleanser, particularly the liver, Boosts self-confidence and aids mental strength, Cleanses, activates and protects the Heart Chakra

CARNELIAN ~ Stimulates Motivation and Success, Boosts Energy Levels, Helps Emotional Stability, Cleanses and Stimulates Kidneys, Activates 1st Root and 6th Third Eye Chakras

CALCITE ~ A Water stone, that connects and balances the different types of water elements, Calcite is also a mental stone used for healing and chakra opening.

Honey Calcite has the power to channel the highest mental faculties of the 7th, Crown Chakra Center, into the physical body. It is used to stimulate the higher frequencies of thought for creative purposes and is excellent for meditation and contemplation. Honey Calcite helps ease transitions and integrates new energies and beliefs into one’s physical reality, i.e., daily life, personal relationships and business, by helping us to make better decisions. This stone relates to the 2nd, Sacral and 3rd, Solar Plexus Chakra Centers, helping to remove blockages, enhancing calm tranquility and aiding in dream manifestations. Honey Calcite is an excellent, yet gentle, amplifier of psychic abilities, astral projection and higher consciousness.

CELESTITE ~ Strontium, Cosmic, Explosive, Firestone, Activates Auras and all Chakras

CITRINE ~ Yellow to Brown Quartz crystal, Aids in emotional control, Focus, Cleanses all lower body systems, a Businessman’s and Teachers’ Stone, Promotes Happiness and Clear Thought, Activates 2nd Sacral-Spleen, 3rd Solar Plexus and 5th Throat Chakras, 3rd and 5th Rays. Planetary Affiliation: Mercury, Mars

CORAL ~ Living Stone, Jewel of the Sea, Structure, Skeletal System, Fossilized, Ancient Foundations

FLINT~ Firestone, Hunter’s stone, Aids in Understanding Fire Energy and Vision Quests

FLUORITE ~ Reduces Stress, Helps to control the Mind and promote Spiritual Awareness, Conduit connecting the Physical with the Spiritual, Calming, Harmonizing, a Catalytic, Transmuting and Grounding agent

GARNET ~ Sun, Blood and Circulatory systems, Strengthens Perseverance and Confidence, Builds Character, assists in healing Rheumatism and Arthritis, Aids in projecting healing energies across Time and Space, Catalyst for the acceptance of all sexual combinations, Increases Sexuality, Kundalini Fire, Aligns 1st Root Chakra

GOLD ~ Sun, Masculine, Pliable, Radiant

HEMAITIE ~ Iron, Blood, Grounding, Tuning, Enhances Intuition

IVORY and BONE ~ Attraction, Desire, Animal Magnetism, Astral Phenomena, Foundation

JADE ~ The Artists’ Stone, the most Sacred Stone used by the Mesoamericans and the Orientals, a Gift from the Gods, Currency, Aids in Intelligence and Confidence, Comfort, Healing, Love and Sex of all kinds and combinations, Enhancing Stone for Shamanic Healers, Assists in healing all Chakras, especially the Heart and Sacral emotionsJade ~ Origins ~ When you hold an ancient jade artifact in your hands and you marvel at its’ age and its’ message, then you’ll begin to understand that the journey down the “Jade Road” is a journey of a thousand lifetimes.The collecting of river jade was concentrated in the White Jade (Yurungkash) and Black Jade (Karakash) Rivers of the Yarkand. On the southern leg of theSilk Road, yearly tribute payments consisting of the most precious white jade were made to the Chinese Imperial court. Once in the court, the jade was transformed into objects d’art by skilled artisans. Fine jade was considered more valuable than gold or silver. Serpentine Jade or Xiu jade is mainly fromXiuyanCountyinLiaoningProvince. Made of many different ingredients, it takes on various appearances: white, yellow, light yellow, pink, green, dark green and light green, which is the most common color. Serpentine jade is usually semi-transparent or opaque, like wax.Hetian Jade: In China, the most reputable jade producing area is Hetian inXinjiangProvince. Hetian Jade was used to create many utilitarian and ceremonial objects, ranging from indoor decorative items to jade burial suits. Hetian Jade was considered the “imperial gem”. From the earliest Chinese dynasties until present, the jade deposits in most use were from the region of Hetian in the Western ChineseprovinceofXinjiang. There, white and greenish Hetian jade is found in small quarries and as pebbles and boulders in the rivers flowing from the Kuen-Lun mountain range northward into the Takla-Makan desert area.Lantian Jade: Mined inLantianCounty, north of Xian inShaanxiProvince. It was also among the most charming ancient jades, for its rigidity made it easier to be carved into decorations and jewelry by the Shaman artists. The hue is uneven in colors of yellow or light green.Nanyang Jade:HenanProvinceis famous for its abundant Nanyang, Dushan jade. The ore district is located on an isolated 200 meter high hill, called Dushan Hill. It is distinctive for its whimsical color layering. Among the Nanyang jade artworks, you will find rare purple, blue and red ceremonial.Jadeite: (Burma Fei Cui Jadeite) As early as the 16th century, Jadeite was believed to be a precious and hard jade with healing qualities for the human stomach and kidneys. Jadeite was brought intoChinaduring the early Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911). Jadeite contains an iron component which turns it red or chromium which turns it yellow. Jadeite can also be green and many other colors. Known as “Gem Stone Jade” or the “King of Jade”, it is usually much more expensive than other varieties.Dong Ling Jade: Called the “Dong Ling” type of jade in Asia, this stone is referred to as aventurine in the west, and green quartz inBrazil.

JASPER ~ Boosts Clairvoyance and Telepathy, Stimulates Auric Fields, Balances all Chakras

LABRADORITE ~ SPECROLITE ~ Feldspar family, Direction from Great Spirit, Ecstasy, Adventure, Vision Quest, Metamorphosis, Enlightenment, Auric Balance, Iridescence, Prismatic, Perfection, Illumination of Consciousness, Higher Octaves of Spiritualized Energy, Transmitter of Intuition and Inspiration, Polarizes the Pituitary and Pineal Glands, Stabilizes Sexual Deficiencies, Activates Crown, Third Eye, Spleen and Root Chakras, Planetary Influences: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, VulcanLabradorite operates on all seven rays, simultaneously, according to need rather than function.

LAPIS LAZULI ~ The ALPHA~OMEGA Stone, one of the Cornerstones of Atlantis, the Keeper for the Karmic Gate of Saturn, Primary Energy, Heightens Enlightenment, Increases all forms of Psychic Abilities, Opens one to Extraterrestrial Communications, Activates 5th Throat and 2nd Sacral-Spleen Chakras

LIMESTONE ~ Ancient Sea Floor, Water Stone, Physical andSpiritualBuilding

MAGNASITE ~ Connects the Crown Chakra to all the other Chakras in a flowing loop.

MALACHITE ~ Transmutation, Regeneration, Auric Cleanser, Aligns the Crown Chakra, Balances all Chakras

METEORITE ~ Interplanetary Transmitter, Symbolizes the Wisdom and Knowledge of God being passed on to Humans, Unconscious Knowledge and Wisdom

MOSS AGATE ~ Aids in Communication with theKingdomofPlants, Relieves Depression and Enhances Vitality

OBSIDIAN ~ Volcanic Glass, Natural Mineralized Glass, Firestone, Precision, Accuracy, Grounding, Amplifies Power, Repels Negativity, Helps with Spiritual Transitions, a Teacher’s Stone

PYRITE ~ Iron, Firestone, Masculine, Strength, Clears the Circulatory System

QUARTZ CRYSTAL ~ Energy Channeling, Storing and Magnifying, Sonic Protection from Negativity, Complete Chakra Activation: Planetary Alignment: Uranus

ROSE QUARTZ ~ Vibration of Universal Love, Aids in Forgiveness, Promotes Serenity, Self-love, Giving and Receiving, Stimulates Imagination, Creativity and Sensitivity to the Needs of Others, Aids the Kidneys, 4th Heart Chakra Stone.

RUTILATED QUARTZ ~ Amplifies physical vibrations and healing powers, Boosts nutrient assimilation and immune systems, Energy rejuvenator, Balancing crystal, Aids in meditation, Boosts Astral and Mental projections

RUTILE ~ Electrical Crystalline Fiber, Tool for Healing the Etheric Body, Manipulation of Force Fields, Equalizes Imbalances

SILVER ~ Moon, Feminine, Brittle, Reflective

SODALITE ~ Friendship Stone, Inner Knowledge, Metabolic Balance, Cleanses Radiation

SMOKEY QUARTZ ~ Universal Sound, Neutralizes negativity, Provides Spiritual Light to the Physical Plane, Catalyst for Hypnotic, Ultrasonic and Magnetic Frequency Transference, Promotes understanding of Nature, 6th Crown and 5th Throat Chakras, 1st Ray: Planetary Alignment: Saturn, Pluto

TIGER EYE ~ Clarity, Self-awareness, Responsibility

TOPAZ ~ Sun, Toning, Magnetic, Electrical, Relieves Trauma, Activates 3rd Throat Chakra, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Rays: Planetary Alignment: Saturn, Uranus, Mercury

TOURMALINE ~ Balances Polarities, Promotes Sexual Acceptance, Activates all Chakras: Planetary Alignment: Neptune, Pluto

TOURMALINATED QUARTZ ~ Enhances mental awareness and psychic abilities, Dissolves fear and relieves depression, Meditation aid, Bi-level Activation

TURQUOISE ~ Protection, Atmosphere, Sky, Aids the Respiratory System, Promotes Peace and Serenity, Past Lives, Soul Memories, Protects 5th Throat and 3rd Solar Plexus Chakras: Planetary Alignment: Venus, Moon

Tzo’La, Leopard Jade Mongolian Skull from the Late Legendary period Frequencies and Gate Codes that relate to the Energies of the Crystal Skulls~ Melchizedek Gate codes…Master Teacher guide ~Triple numbers are one of the ways Goddess-God speaks to us.

111…Flow, The movement of energy from one place to another. Sexual energy and money.

222…New Cycles and Beginnings.

333…Decisions, New Paths, Possibilities, Expansion of Body, Mind and Spirit.

444…Study, lessons and information from the Schools of Mystery.

555…Christ Consciousness, Mastery of lessons in both life and our spiritual path. Living your path.

666…Destiny, The physical plane and the human being. Pay attention, be aware, look around, slow down. A warning to be very careful.

777…Practice and experience in the highest levels of the Mystery Schools. Making our knowledge real.

888…Mastery of a lesson or skill, passing the tests.

999…Completion on all levels000…Pause…void

123(4567)…etc,…Flow, MovementQuad numbers and higher have the same meanings, however, they are much stronger, more significant and require a higher level of attention.

Ancient Neolithic Mongolian Jade Skull