Munyal, Cloud Woman

~ I am Mary Elizabeth Helen Leonard ~

I am Munyal, Cloud Woman


I bridge the sky, bringing rain and cooling shade to my Mother, the Earth.
I walk the earth, leaving no trace of my passing, only my gifts.
My power comes from Water’s birth in Air.
Dancing along the winds, I create the Lightning, Fire to cleanse the Earth.
I am from the Earth but not of it.


Parts of this ancient Navajo prayer reflect my conception of my life path,
who I am and why I am here, now.


I walk in Beauty, with beauty behind me:

As a young woman teaching in an East African Tribal College, I turned away from my roots as a “normal, middle class American” and began to walk an Earth-Centered journey. Bitter longing taught me the techniques of soul travel when I needed to fly to the side of my dearly beloved sister before she passed out of this world.  Later, I increased my skills and again flew to my Grandfather’s side as he passed and we journeyed together for a while as he taught me from his 95 years of wisdom.  This intense introduction to Shamanic techniques was followed by years of personal study and practice.


I walk in Beauty, with Beauty below me:

I came to realize the power and mystery of my being, of all life, but especially its Divine Feminine aspects. I sought the wisdom of the Goddess, finding her in women all around me. Quan Yin became my special Guide, leading me into Healing Paths that felt so very familiar, as I had known them for centuries.


I walk in Beauty, with Beauty above me:

Ix Chel joined me as I explored the beauty of Isla Mujares, offering me a new task, assisting Her in the renewal of POWER for all the women of the world.  “How” I asked, “Just walk my path, I will guide you.” This was her answer.


I walk in Beauty, with Beauty before me:

My future flowed through time, moving in strange patterns of joy and pain. Teachers arrived, taught and then left me to turn another corner. Great loss taught detachment, a friend’s pain taught helpless surrender.  My Goddesses seemed to be close, then, not to know I exist, thus I learned the danger of despair.

In Beauty I acknowledge my strength, my weakness, my Power.

In Beauty I acknowledge my Path, led by Ix Chel

In Beauty I reach out to all women, offering the Gifts of Ix Chel to the world of today.


In Beauty, It is Finished. AH~HO


A Reiki Master, certified in acupressure massage and “La-Stone®” therapy, Mary has walked an Earth-Centered path of Shamanic studies for the last 35 years. Since 1996, she had worked with the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe of southwestern Colorado in Vocational Rehabilitation. She lived in Uganda, East Africa for 5 years, teaching in an African Tribal College. After 25 years in corporate Property Management and Real Estate, she retired to the Four Corners area of southern Colorado. Mary and her husband, David, developed and operated “LionFire at Hovenweep Canyon”, a wilderness retreat for artists and a spiritual healing center, from 1994 to 2004. They also own LionFire Tours, specializing in travel to Mayaland and the American Southwest. Since 1973, Mary has facilitated and guided tours through Europe and Mexico. She enriches and modifies the ‘usual tourist’ experience through her interests in alternative healing and native medicine teachings. Her broad academic foundation in anthropology and ethnology offers tour participants a unique viewpoint of each culture. Maya tours feature a Mayan healing opportunity, allowing participants to experience the healing techniques of traditional healers of the coastal Mayan community.

Mary uses and sells the “Young Living”  essential oils and works with alternative cancer cures following her own experience with their power. Her interest in nutrition has lead her to use and promote the “Isagenix” nutrition line of foods, vitamin supplements and other products.

Mary lives close to the land, uses and teaches the Medicine Wheel Path and promotes a major interest in natural healing experiences.

Professional Qualifications

BA, University of Northern Colorado  ~ Teaching, Anthropology/Ethnology
Colorado Certified Addictions Counselor, Level III (CAC III)
Specializing in vocational rehabilitation counseling with Native American populations
Extensive sucessful grant writing experience

Director, Federal Grant 121, Vocational Rehabilitation for Native American Tribal Members