Power Crystals

Power Stones often associated with Crystal Skulls:

Stone and rock crystal skulls are sculpted from a wide variety of material. This quick guide will assist you in understanding some of the healing energies and spiritual properties of the stones that are most often carved into skulls.

AGATE ~ Quartz, Earth stone, Emotional stabilizer, Emanates protection, Gives courage, Processing stone for all chakras, Helps to balance the polarities between Intuition and Logic

AMAZONITE ~ Feldspar, Fortifies and sooths the nervous system, Quiet rhythm, Low light

AMBER ~ Fossilized Tree Sap, Living Stone, Harmonizes Yin-Yang elements by balancing the Sacred Male and Devine Feminine

AMETHYST ~ Shaman Stone, Transformer, Promotes psychic abilities, Strengthens Spiritual Awareness, Transmutes, Clears and Purifies Energy Patterns, Amplifier of Magic, Balances Sexual Differentiation, Devotional Stone, Serene Brilliance. Activates 7th Crown, 6th Third Eye and 1st Root Chakras, Celestial Affinity: Aries, Sagittarius, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto

AQUAMARINE ~ Beryl family, Operates as a purifier on all three levels of mans’ physical trinity in balancing, increasing creativity, reducing stress, stabilizing and harmonizing these energies with the highest levels of Love.  Aids in filtering and strengthens internal organs, Activates Throat, Solar Plexus and Root Chakras

AVENTURINE ~ Success in affairs of Love, Luck in games, Helps with independence and originality, Unexpected adventure!

BLOODSTONE ~ Blood purifier and internal organ cleanser, particularly the liver, Boosts self-confidence and aids mental strength, Cleanses, activates and protects the Heart Chakra

CARNELIAN ~ Stimulates Motivation and Success, Boosts Energy Levels, Helps Emotional Stability, Cleanses and Stimulates Kidneys, Activates 1st Root and 6th Third Eye Chakras

CALCITE ~ A Water stone, that connects and balances the different types of water elements, Calcite is also a mental stone used for healing and chakra opening.

Honey Calcite has the power to channel the highest mental faculties of the 7th, Crown Chakra Center, into the physical body. It is used to stimulate the higher frequencies of thought for creative purposes and is excellent for meditation and contemplation. Honey Calcite helps ease transitions and integrates new energies and beliefs into one’s physical reality, i.e., daily life, personal relationships and business, by helping us to make better decisions. This stone relates to the 2nd, Sacral and 3rd, Solar Plexus Chakra Centers, helping to remove blockages, enhancing calm tranquility and aiding in dream manifestations. Honey Calcite is an excellent, yet gentle, amplifier of psychic abilities, astral projection and higher consciousness.

CELESTITE ~ Strontium, Cosmic, Explosive, Firestone, Activates Auras and all Chakras

CITRINE ~ Yellow to Brown Quartz crystal, Aids in emotional control, Focus, Cleanses all lower body systems, a Businessman’s and Teachers’ Stone, Promotes Happiness and Clear Thought, Activates 2nd Sacral-Spleen, 3rd Solar Plexus and 5th Throat Chakras, 3rd and 5th Rays.  Planetary Affiliation: Mercury, Mars

CORAL ~ Living Stone, Jewel of the Sea, Structure, Skeletal System, Fossilized, Ancient Foundations

FLINT~ Firestone, Hunter’s stone, Aids in Understanding Fire Energy and Vision Quests

FLUORITE ~ Reduces Stress, Helps to control the Mind and promote Spiritual Awareness, Conduit connecting the Physical with the Spiritual, Calming, Harmonizing, a Catalytic, Transmuting and Grounding agent

GARNET ~ Sun, Blood and Circulatory systems, Strengthens Perseverance and Confidence, Builds Character, assists in healing Rheumatism and Arthritis, Aids in projecting healing energies across Time and Space, Catalyst for the acceptance of all sexual combinations, Increases Sexuality, Kundalini Fire, Aligns 1st Root Chakra

GOLD ~ Sun, Masculine, Pliable, Radiant

HEMATITE ~ Iron, Blood, Grounding, Tuning, Enhances Intuition

IVORY and BONE ~ Attraction, Desire, Animal Magnetism, Astral Phenomena, Foundation

JADE ~ The Artists’ Stone, the most Sacred Stone used by the Mesoamericans and the Orientals, a Gift from the Gods, Currency, Aids in Intelligence and Confidence, Comfort, Healing, Love and Sex of all kinds and combinations, Enhancing Stone for Shamanic Healers, Assists in healing all Chakras, especially the Heart and Sacral emotions.

In China, the most reputable jade producing area is Hetian in Xinjiang Province. Hetian Jade was used to create many utilitarian and ceremonial objects, ranging from indoor decorative items to jade burial suits. Hetian Jade was considered the “imperial gem”. From the earliest Chinese dynasties until present, the jade deposits in most use were from the region of Hetian in the Western Chinese province of Xinjiang. There, white and greenish Hetian jade is found in small quarries and as pebbles and boulders in the rivers flowing from the Kuen-Lun mountain range northward into the Takla-Makan desert area. Lantian Jade: Mined in Lantian County, north of Xian in Shaanxi Province. It was also among the most charming ancient jades, for its rigidity made it easier to be carved into decorations and jewelry by the Shaman artists. The hue is uneven in colors of yellow or light green.
Henan Province is famous for its abundant Nanyang, Dushan jade. The ore district is located on an isolated 200 meter high hill, called Dushan Hill. It is distinctive for its whimsical color layering. Among the Nanyang jade artworks, you will find rare purple, blue and red ceremonial.Jadeite: (Burma Fei Cui Jadeite) As early as the 16th century, Jadeite was believed to be a precious and hard jade with healing qualities for the human stomach and kidneys. Jadeite was brought into China during the early Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911). Jadeite contains an iron component which turns it red or chromium which turns it yellow. Jadeite can also be green and many other colors. Known as “Gem Stone Jade” or the “King of Jade”, it is usually much more expensive than other varieties. Dong Ling Jade: Called the “Dong Ling” type of jade in Asia, this stone is referred to as aventurine in the west, and green quartz inBrazil.

~ Origins ~
When you hold an ancient jade artifact in your hands and you marvel at its’ age and its’ message, then you’ll begin to understand that the journey down the “Jade Road” is a journey of a thousand lifetimes.The collecting of river jade was concentrated in the White Jade (Yurungkash) and Black Jade (Karakash) Rivers of the Yarkand. On the southern leg of the Silk Road, yearly tribute payments consisting of the most precious white jade were made to the Chinese Imperial court. Once in the court, the jade was transformed into objects d’art by skilled artisans. Fine jade was considered more valuable than gold or silver. Serpentine Jade or Xiu jade is mainly from Xiuyan County in Liaoning Province.

Made of many different ingredients, it takes on various appearances: white, yellow, light yellow, pink, green, dark green and light green, which is the most common color. Serpentine jade is usually semi-transparent or opaque, like wax.

JASPER ~ Boosts Clairvoyance and Telepathy, Stimulates Auric Fields, Balances all Chakras

LABRADORITE ~ SPECROLITE ~ Feldspar family, Direction from Great Spirit, Ecstasy, Adventure, Vision Quest, Metamorphosis, Enlightenment, Auric Balance, Iridescence, Prismatic, Perfection, Illumination of Consciousness, Higher Octaves of Spiritualized Energy, Transmitter of Intuition and Inspiration, Polarizes the Pituitary and Pineal Glands, Stabilizes Sexual Deficiencies, Activates Crown, Third Eye, Spleen and Root Chakras, Planetary Influences: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, VulcanLabradorite operates on all seven rays, simultaneously, according to need rather than function.

LAPIS LAZULI ~ The ALPHA~OMEGA Stone, one of the Cornerstones of Atlantis, the Keeper for the Karmic Gate of Saturn, Primary Energy, Heightens Enlightenment, Increases all forms of Psychic Abilities, Opens one to Extraterrestrial Communications, Activates 5th Throat and 2nd Sacral-Spleen Chakras

LIMESTONE ~ Ancient Sea Floor, Water Stone, Physical andSpiritualBuilding

MAGNASITE ~ Connects the Crown Chakra to all the other Chakras in a flowing loop.

MALACHITE ~ Transmutation, Regeneration, Auric Cleanser, Aligns the Crown Chakra, Balances all Chakras

METEORITE ~ Interplanetary Transmitter, Symbolizes the Wisdom and Knowledge of God being passed on to Humans, Unconscious Knowledge and Wisdom

MOSS AGATE ~ Aids in Communication with theKingdomofPlants, Relieves Depression and Enhances Vitality

OBSIDIAN ~ Volcanic Glass, Natural Mineralized Glass, Firestone, Precision, Accuracy, Grounding, Amplifies Power, Repels Negativity, Helps with Spiritual Transitions, a Teacher’s Stone

PYRITE ~ Iron, Firestone, Masculine, Strength, Clears the Circulatory System

QUARTZ CRYSTAL ~ Energy Channeling, Storing and Magnifying, Sonic Protection from Negativity, Complete Chakra Activation: Planetary Alignment: Uranus

ROSE QUARTZ ~ Vibration of Universal Love, Aids in Forgiveness, Promotes Serenity, Self-love, Giving and Receiving, Stimulates Imagination, Creativity and Sensitivity to the Needs of Others, Aids the Kidneys, 4th Heart Chakra Stone.

RUTILATED QUARTZ ~ Amplifies physical vibrations and healing powers, Boosts nutrient assimilation and immune systems, Energy rejuvenator, Balancing crystal, Aids in meditation, Boosts Astral and Mental projections

RUTILE ~ Electrical Crystalline Fiber, Tool for Healing the Etheric Body, Manipulation of Force Fields, Equalizes Imbalances

SILVER ~ Moon, Feminine, Brittle, Reflective

SODALITE ~ Friendship Stone, Inner Knowledge, Metabolic Balance, Cleanses Radiation

SMOKEY QUARTZ ~ Universal Sound, Neutralizes negativity, Provides Spiritual Light to the Physical Plane, Catalyst for Hypnotic, Ultrasonic and Magnetic Frequency Transference, Promotes understanding of Nature, 6th Crown and 5th Throat Chakras, 1st Ray: Planetary Alignment: Saturn, Pluto

TIGER EYE ~ Clarity, Self-awareness, Responsibility

TOPAZ ~ Sun, Toning, Magnetic, Electrical, Relieves Trauma, Activates 3rd Throat Chakra, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Rays: Planetary Alignment: Saturn, Uranus, Mercury

TOURMALINE ~ Balances Polarities, Promotes Sexual Acceptance, Activates all Chakras: Planetary Alignment: Neptune, Pluto

TOURMALINATED QUARTZ ~ Enhances mental awareness and psychic abilities, Dissolves fear and relieves depression, Meditation aid, Bi-level Activation

TURQUOISE ~ Protection, Atmosphere, Sky, Aids the Respiratory System, Promotes Peace and Serenity, Past Lives, Soul Memories, Protects 5th Throat and 3rd Solar Plexus Chakras: Planetary Alignment: Venus, Moon