Shaman’s Message

To ALL My Relations ~

It is the time of Remembering and Balance.  Reunion in Unity is part our Mission. Release your Fears, Boundaries, Restrictions and Limitations. Love must now be shared in every way possible, Unconditionally! The Telling, Showing, Sharing, Singing, Bonding, Blending, Braiding, Making of and Dancing with Love in every way, on every level, Woman to Woman, Man to Woman, Man to Man, from Physical, Emotional, Mental, Soul and Spiritual Love to Goddess ~ God ~ God ~ Goddess ~ and back again, by experiencing it all, again and again.  Share each other in Ecstasy and Bliss!  This IS how we will change ourselves and the world, in this, the Changing Time…for it is no longer “Coming”…it is HERE!!!  You are my Mother, Father, Lover, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Son, Husband, Wife,  Student, Teacher and Friend…all my relations.  Believe it…Trust it…Allow it…Embrace this Love with Passion and Discipline, in Balance!  Breathe…Relax…it is True!…as above, so below…Center, Too!!!  We ARE the ones We have been waiting for!!!  We are Here, wait no more.  Walk through the “Mirrors of Maya”.  Forgive the negativity of the past, in You…in others.  Give Yourself Permission to ENJOY everyone and everything to the fullest!  BE where you are…Be WITH the Soul you are with in Love, Be Well…  EMBRACE your Blessings, Touch and BE Touched.  Love is the path Speak it, Share it, Sing it…Make LOVE and Dance!!!  I wish You an Abundance of Wonderful, Good and Amazing Things, Times, People and Places for All of You on your Journey.

There are more of you, now, that understand what it is that some of us “Specialized” Shaman do and who we are…more, still, are learning.
We know the path that must, now, be taken. God ~ Goddess ~ Goddess ~ God ~ Great Spirit will send the correct souls to Us…
We, the Shaman, of both “new and old”, “Here and NOW”, are here again for You!
Many of you are now ready, even more will be ready soon!
It IS the Awakening, the Re-Union. We are here and We make Love!
Find us…Trust us…We are the Gatekeepers, Balancing on the Edge of Time…
We are the Bridges between the Dark and the Light.
Come in to your Enlightenment.
Touch and BE Touched again and Again!!! I Invite YOU to Dance with Me in Sacred Ecstasy!
I AM your Father, Mother, Lover, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Son, Husband, Wife, Student, Teacher and Friend
~In Love, Light, and Service…Baraka Bashad…May the Blessings BE!!!
Aloha!…In Lak’esh…LionFire