Skull Knowledge



LionFire is a gateway for many of the most ancient stone and crystal skulls. His work with these skulls has given him international recognition as one of the worlds’ major crystal skull keepers. One of his ancient Jade Skulls is featured in the new Crystal Skull Oracle Card Deck and He has authored a section of the new Crystal Skull book, ‘Crystal Skulls and the Enigma of Time’, by Patricia Mercier.

LionFire has supplied many skull keepers with Crystal and Stone Skulls from all ages, ancient to modern and does accept requests from individuals who are interested in becoming skull keepers or for people wishing to add to their collections…Please Ask!


The following are some of the most asked questions about the Crystal Skulls.

1. What has been the role of crystal skulls in the past?

Stone and rock crystal skulls have been part of human culture for several millennia. It is thought that some have alien origins and were carved with advanced technology because of the skulls’ age and the sophistication in the execution of the carving. Thousands of crystal and stone skulls exist from ancient to modern times. Which of the ancient skulls are the ‘authentic’ ones is often debated by scholars, scientists, collectors and skull keepers.Crystalskulls are connected to many indigenous prophecies, crop circles, ancient pyramid-temple sites, stars and constellations. They are a key, a spiritual tool that will assist humanity in creating an era of unity. The crystal skulls are encoded with cosmic knowledge and universal wisdom; they are transmitters, receivers and recorders of history. It is the process of carving a stone or crystal into a skull that allows the skull to speak and the crystal to sing.

Today we use crystals in our computers and sensitive equipment, so, too, the crystal skulls were the computers of our ancestors, but they are also portals through space and time.

Oracles, Ceremony and Prayer ~ Skulls are associated with death and the passing of the spirit from the living planes into the spiritual levels, so the connection between the crystal skulls and the spirit realms is clear and obvious. Beginning in early tribal times, man, world wide, used the bones of their ancestors in a variety of funerary rites and sacred rituals to connect with their kindred spirits. It is believed that through these ceremonies, messages and guidance from their ancestors, God ~ Goddess, spirit, animal, plant and nature totems are received. “I heard the skull sing!”, “The skull spoke to me!”, “I smelled flowers!”, I saw sparkling lights and auras!”, “I was tingling all over!”, “Was the bear I saw my totem animal?”…These are some of the sensations people have expressed during and after a crystal skull encounter which has brought them in touch with the spirit realms.

Crystal skulls open personal perception to the need and level of each individual, allowing a flow of personalized information to come through this connection. Some people will have very strong connections to certain crystal skulls, but they will not connect to others at all. Each skull is an individual entity, like we are. Most crystal skulls will have a keeper who will often allow others the opportunity receive readings or information. Clear channelings from Ascended Masters, Angels, Ancestors and a variety of spirits often occur. The mystical properties of the stone and crystal skulls is widely varied, but the use of these tools as instruments of Divination is primary to their existence and has been well documented throughout many centuries. The image of a skull as a connection to the Spirits and God ~ Goddess is ageless and takes on countless forms depending on the time period, place and culture. Skull beads, made from bones, have been used for centuries as prayer beads in many eastern cultures. Real and effigy skulls are often ‘kept’ by families in special places in the home or at cemeteries where they are cared for and fed, so the prayers and needs of the relatives and community are met. They are seen as protectors and Healers.

Skulls and Gender ~ It’s generally accepted that the greatest majority of crystal skulls are feminine. The most prevalent factor in determining the specific sex of a sculpted skull is the eye socket. Circular, rounded or oval eye sockets and cranial ridges are considered to be feminine, squared and pointed eye sockets and ridges are masculine. Many of the ancient skulls coming out of Mongolia andTibet have both attributes, making them bi-sexual and/or androgynous, giving them aspects of both or neither gender, thus, reflecting the era of unity we are entering.

In some American Native traditions the crystal skulls are only for women to use in ceremony while the stone skulls are for men. Now, with the return of the Goddess energy and sexual unity, there is no longer a need for the separation between genders in the use of either stone or rock crystal skulls.


2. What is the role of the Crystal Skulls today?

Awareness of the skulls (particularly the ancient ones), whether stone, crystal, metal or most any material, is growing. Their energy is coming in, now, to assist the human race through and beyond the cosmic time alignments, moving us into personal, spiritual ascension. The skulls act as activators by removing barriers and ‘waking up’ most people that encounter them. If asked, the skulls can assist a Shaman or healer with attunements with the various bodies (physical, astral, causal, mental and soul-spirit), auras and chakras, bringing them into alignment. Through further study, experience and focus with appropriate guides, crystal skulls can also provide spiritual initiations for seekers who are ready and prepared for new levels of awareness and understanding. Divinations and channelings often come through the skull to the seeker at this time providing connections to the past, present, future and the afterlife. These spiritual tools are both the transmitters and receivers of this energy and information, often including a translation factor, as well. At times, the information down-loads are so intense that it can take months to decipher them.


3. In what ways are the crystal skulls connected with the evolution of spiritual consciousness?

  • Connections between the physical and the many other planes of consciousness
  • Expanding awareness
  • Facilitating messages from ascended Masters
  • Multi-level healing
  • Intermediaries between the human, plant and animal species
  • Extraterrestrial messages and influence.
  • Assistance with and focus for meditation and channeling.

Light or Dark? ~ The use of the skulls for either the light or the dark depends on the intent of the user.


4. What is the difference between the ancient and modern crystal and stone skulls?

The crystal and stone skulls, regardless of size, age, style or material are all connected. The process of carving the stone into a skull allows the crystal or stone to speak or sing. The energy of each individual skull depends on the vibration and attributes of the specific material from which each individual skull is carved. Since all stones and crystals are extremely old, that energy is contained within any carved skull, regardless of when the skull was created. It is my experience, however, that most people that are interested in crystal and stone skulls are drawn to the older ones.