LionFire’s Shamanic Institute, 4~Corners, Cortez, Colorado, USA

Many forms of healing modalities and Shamanic traditions are offered by our Shamanic Institute.  Both LionFire and Munyal, ‘Cloud Woman’ are certified Reiki Masters and Teachers in the Usui Shiki Ryoko, Tibetan, Raku and Shambala traditions and are also certified in acupressure massage.

We currently offer Reiki levels one, two, Master and Master~Teacher certifications. LionFire and Munyal teach the level one and level two classes together. Masterships are provided on a personal, one on one basis.

LionFire also offers trainings in Chakra Activations and Balancing , Auric Cleansings, Crystal, Stone and Sound work.  He offers programs including Maya studies and tours, Drumming, Shamanic Shields and Trance Dance workshops. He also assists individuals seeking their Animal Totems and facilitates Vision Quests.
“Drawing From the Senses” is a Shamanic Awareness program he has developed to help individuals become more in tune with their senses, teaching them the ability to Interconnect  and Expand their awareness.

During ceremonies on the Island of Cozumel in 2003, LionFire pledged himself to the service of the Mother Goddess, IX CHEL. Part of his mission, as one of the few Priests of IX CHEL, is to help men “Heal and Balance” their Feminine and Masculine energies. To that end, he now performs Kundalini healings, balancing and activations, mostly for men.

Our classes, trainings, attunements, activations and initiations are  tailored to fit each individual and we can accomodate people’s need for flexible schedules to acquire the training, tools and experience that is required to learn and understand these traditions. Please contact us for information on classes and trainings.

Digital images created by Starflower for LionFire, 2011