Deep Down in the hills of Colorado lives a guru by the name of LionFire. From his office, atop a spiral a staircase in his personal museum/Mayan healing temple, he serves as a monument that the Universe loves us all. From Tikal to Taos. From Hovenweep to the Hana Highway and the slopes of Haleakala, Cancun to Kalani, he seeds his wisdom of 60,000 years across this auspicious time and place. If your Karma is pure, the Wizard himself will meet you unexpectedly at an exotic airport, reinforcing heaven on earth from the very first step. I really love this guy a lot. Mahalo LeoFuego
My experience with LionFire has been an awesome introduction into the power of shamanic healing. I am astounded by what can be done when one is a focused point through which the healing energy of the universe can flow. Thank you LionFire for what you have done. I have a sense that all things I have aimed for and dreamt about are possible for the first time, instead of being caught in a repetitive cycle of confusion.
Since coming across LionFire in this sight, I have felt he is truly concerned for all! He gives nothing but good wishes and fulfillment when he chats with you or sends you a note! I feel that I have had a map laid out to seek the path he walks and read and follow his lessons and inspirations! I feel that my last few months of doing nothing and getting ‘broker’ but waiting to re-take a certain profession has not been in vain. The light always shines in the morning! I want to dance with LionFire till my knees give way! Health Happiness and Prosperity is yours LionFire!
Blessed manifestation of divine love! Thank you for your selfless acts of service I have found favor in loves eyes to have been given the gift of your attention if you are a seeker of truth — search no more! if you are a holder of wealth – you would do well to lay it at the feet of this humble servant and beg him to grant your deepest heartfelt request Shaman are many, but true wisdom keepers are few power is easy to obtain – wellness, peace, and joy are far more fleeting if these you seek, knock on his door with your finest gifts they are paltry compared to what he will show you, but an exchange is required Dearly Beloved – Thank You Praise You Bless You Love to Love to Love YOU!!!!
LionFire is a gift.. A lovingly wild and graceful being so open to helping and assisting our HUmanity into higher levels of awareness. It has been the greatest gift to work with him, as teacher as student… A true Shaman, Teacher, GURU. Whose wisdoms transcends the NEW AGE and brings the Ancient Wisdoms of Yesteryears into the kNOW! A necessary addition to anyone’s contact list for Art, Healing, and Ceremony. Take a Peaceful and Self Empowered step into the unKNOWN with this Bright being and give yourself a gift for the rest of your existdance! Mahalo LionFuego
EVERYONE needs a Shaman in his/her life….. …and frankly to choose your best choice could be LionFire, for his loving, helpful, caring and patient presence and influence…. Distance (I live 8.100km from LionFire) has no influence on his, so wherever you are on the Globe get in touch with Him and let yourself be touched as…..he’s really efficient. Hugs to all of you and to LionFire
Thank you my Friend and Brother. You still are Brother Lion to me and may you always Roar with Dignity! You have been there to listen to my outlandish comments and more! You are a very fine Shaman, there is none Better!
If you are the sort of person that is ready to deal with their stuff then go see this wonderful man. He coaxes the years of poison from you so gently you don’t realize it until it is past your lips and being transmuted. He is firmly in this realm – or so you think due to his down to earth nature, then when you begin your work you realize he is firmly connected to the other realm. He’s an Artist, poet, ceremonialist, storyteller, healer. Thank you my friend for being in my life, thank you for your wisdom and understanding, and i look forward to meeting with you again soon
This soul doesn’t think twice to let the universe’s intelligent, abundant healing energy express itself through him to you. Blessed to have found this one
His heart beats with the rhythm of Mother Earth, His soul burns with the power of a thousand suns; His mind is as clear and open as the sky. His wisdom is as deep as the great oceans. The balance of all 4 elements is this LionFire Earth, air, fire, water in perfect harmony. He amazes me and keeps me guessing all at the same time. Thank you for entering my life dear Br’er Lion, I am richer for it. My love for you will never waver.
Brother Lion, you are part of my family. You have a Heart so True, please let do let your Heart be Free. Don’t always let your head Rule. It is hard to do, you know I am a lot like you. Do what you do so well, keep on weaving that Magic. I Love you dearly my Manned One….Brother Lion, never stop Roaring …no faking either……..
“LionFire understands the soul of the MAYA and in this book, he shares with you his deepest secrets and knowledge.” “If you wish to know the ancient way of the Maya, this could be one of the best sources.”
“Secrets of the Maya Chakra Temples” by LionFire is “An exceptional collection of esoteric information covering major sacred cities of the Maya. These are places where the magical merges with the mundane, pushing history and our perception of it, into the innermost reaches of our understanding.” “Star guidance activates our subtle bodies and chakra system and the stones of the temples and pyramids are steeped with eons of sacred teachings – Something which you won’t fully appreciate until you journey to these places using LionFire’s book as a guide.”
“An indispensable guide for the spiritual explorer who seeks entry into the mystical world of the Cosmic Maya. It connects the body chakras with the energy vortexes of key Maya sites, providing a framework for understanding the powerful effects of these inter-dimensional doorways.”