The Weaving

By Mary Leonard, copyright, 2002

We stand here, surrounded by the sacred mountains,

At the sipapu, where our world began.

We come from the 4 corners of this earth,

Walking in love, bringing our knowledge of

Many cultures, many languages.

Seeking understanding, growth & change,

For ourselves, our nations, our world.

This is our intention!

Here at this time we create a new world,

We weave a new reality!

We pray for assistance and request witness,

From the sacred energies of our world!

* AIR – Winds of the 4 directions, winds that move the stars

* WATER – Rain, rivers, springs

* FIRE – Our sun, lightening that dances on the sky

* EARTH – Our mother, her sand, her cliffs, her mountains.

* OUR BROTHERS – The four legs, the winged ones, water children and those that creep and crawl.

* OUR SISTERS – The standing people, from mighty tree to smallest flower.

* OUR OWN HUMAN RACE – From our ancestors who first walked this land, to our children’s children, 7 generations distant.

Most of all we call upon

* OUR SELVES, here and now, to witness and strive.

We are here to create a weaving of a new reality.

In any weaving, beauty is created by the warp, weft,

and the Pattern.

We bring: For the foundation, the warp thread,

Human energy, the experiences of diverse cultures.

Strength and pride from our societies, our families,

History, our struggle to manifest our own path.

These we braid together and string on our loom to form the warp, the shape of our weaving.

Onto this we weave the weft of our daily journey, the thread of beauty, spun, one moment at a time, with each step of integrity, as our actions spin time into history.

And the Pattern?

The pattern that will call the rest of the human race into understanding, changing?

This pattern is formed by our teachers and by our intention.

We set our intention to manifest a world

where every spirit, human, animal, plant and mineral,

walks in harmony and balance, health and joy.

We ask our teachers to guide us to actions that flow into this intention. We seek to manifest that divinity within our selves

 that will create this new reality.

This is our time.  We are called.

Together we will weave a new world!